Well water treatment with ozone

Main benefits:

Sanitizing property.

Sanitizing property. Eliminates concentrations of iron, manganese, sulfur derivatives and even fecal coliforms.

Oxidizing property.

Oxidizing property. It oxidizes microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and fungi, leaving the water healthy and suitable for human consumption.

Deodorant action.

Provides the neutralization of possible odors present in the water.

Clean and sustainable technology.

Effective and ecologically correct treatment, without the addition of chemical products.

How to treat water effectively?

The treatment with Panozon ozone makes it possible to clean and purify the water, in addition to providing the precipitation of the metals present so that they are barred in the filtration system, also acting in the neutralization of odors.

The Ecotag ozone water treatment system for artesian wells oxidizes all impurities and microorganisms, providing healthy water suitable for human consumption.

Iron and Manganese

In the waters of artesian wells it is not uncommon to find concentrations of iron, manganese, sulfur derivatives and even coliforms and other pathogenic microorganisms.

These impurities can seriously aggravate the health of those who consume them, in the short and long term, in addition to various harms such as an unpleasant odor, stains on clothes, unpleasant taste in food and drinks, in addition to promoting the proliferation of harmful bacteria and harming many industrial processes. . Other problems such as rust on equipment and household utensils are common in these conditions.

In most cases, for the treatment of water with ozone in artesian wells, a dedicated water treatment plant must be set up. In some specific cases, an installed filter is also required.

Remember that the installation varies according to your system. Please contact us for more information.

This line of equipment is intended for corporate use only (companies, industries and the agribusiness sector).

To request a quote, it is necessary to have a complete physical-chemical-biological analysis to size the equipment correctly.