Nossos Produtos.

Consultancy for Large Ozone Projects

Consultancy for Large Ozone Projects – Panozon


Well water treatment with ozone

Natural Food

Ozone food washing

Panozon Linha S

Ozone for silo disinfection


Ozone for gym and club pools

Oxiativa CF

Cold storage of food

O3Care M50

Ozone chamber for disinfection of materials

Panozon Condomínio

Offer the best water to the condos!

Ph and Chlorine Test

For Bathtubs and Ofurôs For Collective Swimming Pools For Residential Swimming Pools


For ornamental ponds and aquariums

O3Care Air

For disinfection of surfaces and environments


For water tanks

Blue Star

Your pool with no chlorine discomfort


For Bathtubs and Ofuros