Ph and Chlorine Test

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pH and total chlorine test kit

In order to always have a balanced and safe swimming pool, it is necessary to measure some chemical parameters of your water, such as pH and chlorine. Panozon has this Test Kit so you can check your pH and chlorine parameters and attest to the quality of your water.

pH measurement

The pH should be in the range of 7.0 – 7.8, where we recommend ideally using the range of 7.0 – 7.4. A higher pH can impair oxidation and consequently the disinfection of your pool. The pH must be maintained in this range to promote more comfort and safety for bathers, in addition to ensuring greater protection for equipment.

Important:always measure the alkalinity before measuring the pH, as it directly interferes with the pH value of the water.

Total chlorine measurement

Total chlorine measures free chlorine + combined chlorine. Free chlorine oxidizes impurities, unlike combined chlorine, which contains chloramines.

So that your pool is always safe and ready for use, it is necessary to keep a disinfectant residue in the tank. If you use chlorine, it must be between 1 ppm and 3 ppm.

Chlorine is the most popular and conventional disinfectant, and its residual is longer lasting when used together with Panozon ozone. With this, you have more savings in the treatment of your pool water.