For Bathtubs and Ofuros

Main benefits:

Helps to preserve the fiber of the bathtub

Prevents skin and hair from drying out

Helps to preserve the fiber of the bathtub

Eliminates water odor

Panozon SPA+, clean and ecologically correct technology.

Thus, you guarantee healthy water and still help the environment! The equipment is economical, consumes little energy, does not change the alkalinity or pH of the water. It can be installed in any type of bathtub, hot tub or SPA, and is compatible with hot or cold water.

With SPA+, you can enjoy a relaxing moment in your bathtub with quality water!

We recommend changing the Water Retention Kit annually. This preventive maintenance, combined with the care of your equipment, ensures that your SPA+ has a useful life of more than 10 years.

See the 3 SPA+ installation possibilities in our manual, clicking here.