For ornamental ponds and aquariums

Main benefits:

Clearer water.

Together with the biological filter, Panozon Lacus helps to keep your pond water crystal clear.

Reduces ammonia.

It reduces the ammonia present in the water by oxidizing the organic contaminants in the lake.

Reduce algae.

Ozone treatment eliminates cyanobacteria and algae in recirculated water.

Clean technology.

After disinfection of the water, the ozone returns to pure oxygen, guaranteeing better health for the fish.

Panozon has a line of products designed especially for ornamental ponds and aquariums. This line of products aims to treat water, reducing organic matter and ammonia, which are harmful to fish. In order not to overload the filters and avoid the accumulation of organic matter in the water, which will result in the formation of ammonia and fish mortality, it is customary to use Lacus ozone in water treatment. With the Panozon Lacus system, your pond has crystal clear and really clean water, providing your fish with more health!

All models come with the venturi injector with Panozon technology, except the Lacus Mini. Models 12,000 and 24,000 come with a venturi set with by-pass.

Models LacusVolume*
Lacus MiniOzone for aquariums up to 2,000 liters
Lacus 2,000Lakes up to 2,000 liters
Lacus 4,000Lakes or aquariums of up to 4,000 liters
Lacus 6,000Lakes or aquariums up to 6,000 liters
Lacus 12,000Lakes or aquariums up to 12,000 liters
Lacus 24,000Lakes or aquariums up to 24,000 liters
Consult Panozon (click here)Ponds or aquariums larger than 24,000 liters

*Considering standard organic load, up to 1 kg of ornamental fish per cubic meter. For the Lacus Mini model, we recommend that you gradually increase the ozonation time until the desired effect is achieved. We are not responsible for the incorrect application of the equipment. For a custom sizing, contact our specialists by filling out the form.

We recommend changing the Water Retention Kit annually. This preventive maintenance, combined with the care of your equipment, ensures that your Lacus has a useful life of more than 10 years.

Take Panozon technology to your lake!

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