Panozon Condomínio

Offer the best water to the condos!

Main benefits:

People allergic to chlorine can swim

Improves the water quality of your pool

Reduces spending on chemicals such as chlorine

Clean and sustainable technology

Reduce the use of chemicals in your community pool.

Thus, you guarantee healthy water and still help the environment! The equipment is economical, consumes little energy, does not alter
alkalinity and the pH of the water. Panozon Condomínio is recommended for condominium and building pools, and is compatible with hot or cold water.

Panozon Condomínio is easy to install and works fully automatically.

We have developed robust equipment, with state-of-the-art technology and 100% from Panozon. Today, more than 90% of ozone-treated residential pools rely on Panozon.

Main advantages for your condominium:

  • Hypoallergenic solution: children and adults allergic to chlorine can enjoy the condominium pool.
  • Better water quality: ozone eliminates all chlorine discomforts. For pools for collective and semi-collective use, the maintenance of free residual chlorine is mandatory. Even so, ozone eliminates the smell of chlorine, burning eyes, itchy skin and dry hair.
  • Less spending on chemicals: You’ll spend less on chemicals like chlorine.
  • It’s good for the environment: clean and sustainable technology using ozone. The only by-product is oxygen gas!

In addition, the line has a front display that provides additional electrical information and facilitates technical assistance.