O3Care Air

For disinfection of surfaces and environments

Elimination of viruses, bacteria and fungi

The use of ozone for disinfection is known worldwide. In recent years, ozone has become popular in the disinfection of environments, mainly in the disinfection of cars, through the process called “oxy-sanitization”. Panozon has been working for over 20 years using ozone for various applications, including the disinfection of ambient air. Ozone can also be used to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses from surfaces.

What is oxy-sanitization?

Oxy-sanitization is a new way to sanitize cars, rooms and environments in general using ozone. It’s a great option for those who want to remove bad odors, such as the smell of cigarettes, paint and other volatile organic compounds.

Models available

O3Care Air: recommended for disinfecting cars and/or environments with up to 36 cubic meters. Purchase right now.

O3Care Air Plus: recommended for disinfecting cars and/or environments with up to 72 cubic meters. Purchase right now.

How to use the ozone generator to disinfect the environment?

  • 1. Remove all people and animals from the site. As it is a strong oxidant, during the application of ozone, there should be no people or animals in the area. ATTENTION: do not keep people or animals in the place while the equipment is being used, after use ventilate the environment until the smell of ozone dissipates.
  • 2. Close the location. For the application to be most effective, keep the windows and doors closed so that the ozone is confined.
  • 3. Turn on the equipment. O3Care Air comes with a digital timer for 30 minutes, 1, 2 and 4 hours. At the end of this time, the equipment automatically turns off. Ozone stays in the air for many hours, so the longer the place is closed (even after the generator is turned off), the greater the efficiency.
  • 4. Ventilate the room. After ozonation, ventilate the room until the ozone smell dissipates.
  • 5. Done! The site is disinfected and ready to use.