For water tanks

Pure, odorless and tasteless water at all points of consumption in your home

No bad taste and no smell in the water. With Panozon technology, you improve the quality of the water that arrives in your water tank and you can drink directly from the faucet, in the same way that families in the United States and Europe do.


  • Prevents dryness of skin and hair during showering
  • Get rid of the bad taste and odor of water
  • Helps eliminate bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Prevents the proliferation of mosquitoes such as Aedes aegypti in the water tank, responsible for dengue
  • Drink water straight from your home faucet

Ozone treated water

Ensure healthy water with an effective and ecological treatment.

Did you know that, in your water tank, microorganisms such as bacteria can develop? Did you know that the water consumed in your home can contain residues of hormones and pesticides? The water that comes out of our taps is not always the best possible.

Ozone helps eliminate hormone and pesticide residues, in addition to combating the proliferation of microorganisms and insects in the water tank, such as the dengue mosquito.


This equipment is recommended for water tanks that receive water from the municipal concessionaire. For the treatment of water from wells, we recommend the Ecotag.

For water tanks of up to 3,000 liters, we recommend the Aquapura line. For larger water tanks or corporate water tanks, we recommend the Aquapura Tower line. Please contact us for a personalized quote by clicking here.

Buy Aquapura for your home by clicking here.

Preventive maintenance

The Aquapura Filter Kit must be replaced when the “Preventive Maintenance” light comes on. This guarantees a longer service life for your equipment, and guarantees better quality water for you and your family.